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I’m Mathew, the proud owner of Security Man. I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

I have always been fascinated by technology and have enjoyed helping others. I have also been in the security game for about fifteen years in total. I started out west in Alberta and made my way here to Ontario, where I started Security Man to help the locals in my community.

With today’s technology and others wanting a piece of the market, we still strive for the excellence we have always had.

The most rewarding thing about this business is that we get to help those in need of securing what matters most. The smile and handshake, in the end, are the most rewarding part.

Why I’ve been successful

At Security Man, you are a name and not a number. We know who you are and where you are. We don’t ask you for your phone number to pull up your account. We see you’re calling and know who you are!

Our values are to be fair and honest. We are not out here to get rich but to help. You do not need to spend hundreds a month. We want you to make an educated decision even if you do not choose us.

I attribute our success to word of mouth, being a local business that is always there for our clients and always answering the phone and calling back those who need our assistance.

Meeting new clients for the first time and consistently delivering has given me immense satisfaction over the years.

During my downtime

Even when I am not at work, I am always looking for a way to improve all that we offer. I do research, enjoy video games, and of course, time with the family is a must!

I also believe in giving back to society, and as part of that belief, I support local charities and causes. Please feel free to call me at (226) 600-6302 or email me at